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5 Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

Obsessing over gaining knowledge to bolster your IQ is no longer the trend because we now understand that it’s emotional intelligence, or EQ, that leads to success. Until recent scientific evidence that our brains can be altered by thinking differently, people used to believe that reading books and taking exams would land them their dream job. With our understanding of neuroplasticity, we know we can develop a higher EQ with changes in our thinking and actions.

A low EQ could cause hostility and conflict due to the ignorance of other views or opinions. It could result in bad decisions from letting emotions cloud judgment or, it could prevent us from forming solid relationships which would obviously hinder success.

But, a high EQ is the polar-opposite, as businesses and individuals will both benefit. There are five specific ways a high EQ can help us lead a more successful and happy life.

Navigate through tricky situations

Throughout a long and fruitful career, it would almost be impossible to avoid challenging predicaments. But, those with high emotional intelligence stay strong under pressure and tend to emerge on the other side with a positive outcome.

Clear communication

Making it to the upper echelons of your profession and yielding excellent results is incredibly difficult without the ability to work well with others. With an abundance of emotional intelligence, it’s far easier to create a rewarding network of contacts that you can constantly collaborate and rely on.

Enhance team morale

Like we’ve just touched on, the modern workplace relies heavily on teamwork. As the old saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” Individuals with high EQ use their management skills to gain respect, so they can then aid team morale through their influence.

Precise judgment

It’s a very special ability to know exactly how to act, or what the perfect thing to say would be, in order to achieve your desired results. Now, those with high EQ can do this effortlessly, which is why they frequently get what they or their company wants from a negotiation.

Complete control

When it comes to controlling yourself in the workplace, those with high emotional intelligence have it all. They can handle their emotional reactions in a positive way, and they can more easily impact the outcome of interactions by being willing to understand the needs and desires of the others involved.

Learn from mistakes

Some people crumble when given criticism, but people who are emotionally intelligent learn from their mistakes and utilize critical feedback to develop. Plus, they’re very motivated and driven individuals, so they understand that failures are a part of the journey to success.